Musical Interpretations

Human video is an expression of a story to music. I teach these dramas and I am in a lot of them. In high school I was the leader of a team called identity. Now, in college I have the opportunity to lead a team again. I hope to be able to step out of the box and do things that no one else has done. I am all about originality. I try to never repeat something I have seen. If I use someone else’s idea it is conformed into something I want to use. I have often times written human videos and then gone back to add little things here or there I see need to be made more excellent. I am a woman of excellence. Everything I do, I do with the intention of greatness! I love drama. It is a way to express yourself and your worship unto the Lord. For many years I have been around singers who express themselves to the Lord with their voices. Now I express my worship through my body and movements that tell a story and make events come to life. Drama has forever been my outlet and my way of expression to other people. It helps me overcome issues I am dealing with at the time I write the drama.

I also love Music! It is a big part of the style of drama I do. I love to tell a story to a song, we call it human videos but it is just storytelling with a twist.

You can also tell the story corporately, with a group of people acting it all out!

But if you are really good it will look something like this:


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