I am a very expressive person. I like to expressive myself through rhythmic movement; such as dance! I really enjoy watching people dance! When I was 6 years old I was in tap and ballet but got out of it quickly, I am just not very good at classical ballet. However, now I enjoy watching. The perfect date would be to a ballet or dance recital. In today’s community many people are proclaimed dancers but very few actually are. My roommate is an amazing dancer but she would never claim to be. She has such good rhythm and always has new motions. She never repeats. I think that’s what makes a dancer good, them being able to be creative original. One of my favorite TV shows is So You Think You Can Dance where multiple contestants compete to be America’s favorite dancer. These dancers are forced to make routines there own. They are given choreographed dance routines that they have to own and make true to their style of dance. On the show there are dancers from the interpretive genre and there are dancers from the classical genre. These are two of my favorite routines from the show I found on you tube: I hope you enjoy!

I love so you think you can dance!

This one is amazing!

Dancing is an awesome way to express yourself and both of these pieces are telling such an expressive story… I love it!


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