Christmas Wish List

I love Christmas! So I thought I would share some thoughts about my favorite holiday. Wow, have you ever noticed as you get older Christmas becomes less and less about presents and more about the times spent with those you love. But for all of you that our curious I have been thinking about what would be nice to get. This Christmas I do not really want very much my perfect Christmas would be all my bills paid. But if I had to make a list to give to Santa here is what it would look like:Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I would like a brand new couch. A Giovanni Erba Leather couch to be exact. I would also like a 72 inch plasma screen thin TV. I would also like a griddle, a new table, and a starbucks coffee pot for my kitchen. I would also love to have a new tempurpedic bed. All of this would be great! Thanks SantaYours, ErickaBut unfortunately for me Santa can not do all this. But I will be grateful for whatever I get. I am blessed beyond words and have more than I could ever ask for.  I have a great car. I have great things, awesome clothes, and a great apartment. I have awesome friends and a family who loves me. I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty great to me! I guess I could always ask for a hippopotamus!


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