Christmas Present Jitters

This Christmas I have a lot going on. I have many people to buy gifts for and many things to do. I have such a busy week next week and then i have to hurry to get home. What to buy? I have not had any time to go shopping, i need to get my parents something meaningful and my sisters something great! Besides my family I need to buy my two best friends presents and my roommates too. But what to get them? My roommate says “surprise me”. Eric says “lets keep it in budget”. Ruthie says “I want this and this and this…” who knows how long that list could go on… and then there is the money factor. I am not made of money and these days money is tight. I need to stop spending money, but on the same hand i have presents to buy… What to do?!?!



~ by newyorker1988 on December 4, 2007.

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