Finals release

•December 9, 2007 • Leave a Comment

So finals are upon us. This week will by far be one of my busiest all semester. I needed a break from being busy so I went and saw the best movie ever tonight. August Rush is the movie with the little boy from Finding Neverland. He is amazing. In the movie August Rush he plays an orphan boy music prodigy who goes on a search for his parents. He believes the music will reunite them. It was one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time. All of you need to go see it immediately! That was exactly what I needed to give me a really great break from a stressful week. It was so good I will probably see it again. I really enjoyed it. Now all I have left to do is finish my Fitness for Life study guide and finish the other part of my web design final and then I can call it a semester!

movie chairs


End of year busyness

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This week is the last couple classes of the semester. I only have 4 classes left but I have so many assignments to get done, it gets very overwhelming. I have 6 classes that all have assignments. In photoshop I have to finish my final poster. In Scene Design I need to do my TV studio. In make up I have to do a imaginary/science fiction character plus my final project which has to include all the techniques. I have finished my study guide for softball but I have to get the book and do the study guide for fitness for life. In scriptwriting I have to finish my 60 page script and we have an actual written test to study for. In Web design and pod casting I have so much left to get done. The final web site assignment is huge! When will I get it all done?!? I hope I finish in time!

A lot of work



Christmas Present Jitters

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This Christmas I have a lot going on. I have many people to buy gifts for and many things to do. I have such a busy week next week and then i have to hurry to get home. What to buy? I have not had any time to go shopping, i need to get my parents something meaningful and my sisters something great! Besides my family I need to buy my two best friends presents and my roommates too. But what to get them? My roommate says “surprise me”. Eric says “lets keep it in budget”. Ruthie says “I want this and this and this…” who knows how long that list could go on… and then there is the money factor. I am not made of money and these days money is tight. I need to stop spending money, but on the same hand i have presents to buy… What to do?!?!


A little laughter

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So basically the best medicine is laughter!

A cold day

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Today was cold for no reason, I never understand why out of no where there is a freezing cold day! Yesterday it was pretty nice and then today it just hits you bam! ITS COLD OUTSIDE… and only a little while longer until Thanksgiving and then there is a reason for it to be cold~!

Bad Day Blues

•November 6, 2007 • 1 Comment

bad-day.jpgToday was a very bad day. I am trying to buy a plane ticket to go visit my friend for her 21st birthday and nothing seems to be working out… NOTHING! It seems like I have been on the phone with automated teleprompters all day! This has been a very very annoying day and still at the end there is no solution! 😦 I really need something to cheer me up!

All about me

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This is just to share  a few of the things I love! I love to go shopping. It is so much fun to buy things and to have new items in your closet!

I also love:

  • Swimming
  • Sleeping
  • Getting pedicures
  • Cooking
  • Watching movies

But most of all, I love just hanging out with friends!

hanging out with friends